Elgiganten visar vägen for framtidens detaljhandel och får kunderna att stanna


dubbelt så länge

i butiken

by Handelstrender

Elgigantens uppdaterade butikskoncept har visat sig vara framgångsrikt. Det har lett till att kunderna i genomsnitt uppehåller sig dubbelt så länge i butikerna.


Elgiganten ville med sitt senaste butikskoncept utveckla kunderbjudandet både online som offline.


-Resultatet är slående. I det nya konceptet väljer kunderna i snitt att stanna dubbelt så länge i butiken. Det visar att kunderna aktivt önskar att tillbringa mycket tid i vårt nya butikskoncept, säger Frank Högseth, ansvarig för design och konceptutveckling i Elkjøp Nordic.


Ny strategi bakom presentationen

I det nya butikskonceptet har man omprövat strukturen för varupresentation och sambandsprodukter. Tidigare drevs produktpresentationen av rationalitet gällande påfyllning.


I dag byggs det upp av kategorierna kring huvudprodukten och att man naturligt knyter tillbehören till shoppingupplevelsen.


- Det gör att kunderna inspireras bättre, stannar kvar i butiken längre och bidrar till en kundupplevelse i värdsklass berättar Öyvind Nystad, kreativ ledare på Reactor Retail som står bakom den nya kundresan på Elgiganten.

Service i centrum

Ytterligare en anledning till utvecklingen är kundservicefunktionerna som tidigare var lite undangömda i butiken. I det nya konceptet står de i centrum av Elgigantens upplevelse. Reactor lyfter fram följande ingredienser som avgörande för framgången:

• Ett stark fokus på produktdemonstrationer
• Dynamisk service för alla kundbehov
• Digitala pick-ups gör att det är helt upp till kunden att helt välja var, när och hur man vill handla.


Kanaler arbetar för varandra

Konceptet, som fick priset som Årets omnikanalupplevelse i Retail Awards 2018, är under utrullning i kedjan, både som storformat och som mer kompakta citykoncept. Den ledande insikten från analysarbetet var: Ett väl utvecklat och omfattande butiksnätverk driver försäljning online och en väl utvecklad näthandel driver försäljning i butik. Det är inte längre det ena eller det andra. Det är både och.


Talar till kundens sinnen

"I den digitala världen ökar människors behov av den mänskliga kontakten, att bli sedd och att få använda alla sina sinnen. Därför har vi skapat en miljö som gör att kunderna intuitivt och emotionellt upplever att Elgiganten faktisk vill att man ska känna sig som hemma och stanna så länge man bara vill", säger Öyvind Nystad på Reactor.

The clarification of an iconic Norwegian

outdoor brand - Bergans

By Reactor

For Norwegian outdoor brand Bergans, Reactor Retail created a new retail concept. The first concept store is now opened in Ski, outside Oslo, Norway.


“The objective was to create a framework that honour the proud past of the Bergans brand, clarifies the brand position and has a signature strong enough to function as an ambassador and brand voice for the Bergans product portfolio says Øyvind Nystad, Creative Director at Reactor Retail.


The store environment in general reflects Norwegian heritage in a contemporary context. The fixture program provides one distinct visual expression, while integrated, flexible formats easily create change with a high level of precision. The material usage and shapes for the signature fixtures are inspired by the original and innovative Bergans backpack design from 1928.


-We chose Ski Storsenter because it is a very good shopping center, while it is close to Oslo. That means we can easily come here to see how we will operate this store, says Bart Meijers, Commercial Manager at Bergans.


The new store should be a test store for how future brand stores should look and operate. Because, although there are no concrete plans for several brand stores, Meijers says there will be more, without it being clear how many.


The new store is located in Ski Storsenter and has a total area of 160 sqm and a sales area of 140 sqm. It is the first Bergans store that can be described as a clean brand store. The Bergan store in Oslo has the name flagship store, and is far larger than the new one.


Reactor Retail is a consulting firm that emphasizes the partnership with its client as the foundation of every step of the process, from strategy to the reality, and taking considerable pride in fully manifesting big ideas in the real world. Reactor is based in Oslo & Stockholm.




Two time finalist in the Retail Awards 2018.  From Elgiganten Täby. Photo: Per Kristiansen

Retail Awards 2018: Elgiganten

By Retail Awards

In the 2018 Swedish Retail Awards; the new big-box concept for Elgiganten, created by Reactor Retail, has been qualified for the finals in two categories; chain store of the year and omni-channel experience of the year. 


Jury motivation for chain store of the year finalist qualification: In a market that is characterized by tough competition and where other players have had to cut back or given up, Elgiganten has had the temerity to continue its efforts and seen its business grow and develop while raising customer satisfaction and strengthening its brand name.


By investing in the continued development of both its stores and its e-commerce solutions, the chain has developed its multi-channel offerings with, among other things, Internet purchases that can be picked up in a store within the hour. In addition, Elgiganten has increased its offerings of services such as servicing and repairs.


In the increasingly complex and digital world, the needs of customers for service and support are also increasing and the chain has invested substantial resources in efforts to raise the competence of its employees. A giant betting on becoming even bigger.

Jury motivation for omni-channel experience of the year finalist qualification:


Elgiganten has honed its offerings both in physical stores as well as via e-commerce in recent years, and its efforts are most clearly visible in the chain's concept department store in Täby, outside Stockholm.


The store environment sets a new standard for the home electronics trade and tempts customers to experiences with an abundance of demonstration points.


Digital technology is utilized throughout, including all signs and price labels, which makes operation highly efficient and allows the personnel to dedicate themselves to the customers.


Dynamic service stations for all types of matters and digital lockers for picking up orders make things easy for the customers.


Here, customers experience first-hand the omni-channel vision, by being able to choose where, when and how they transact.

Finalist in the Retail Awards 2018 in the store concept of the year category.

Retail Awards 2018: Kronans

By Retail Awards

In the 2018 Swedish Retail Awards; the concept for Kronans Apotek, created by Reactor Retail, has been qualified for the finals in the store concept of the year category. Jury motivation for store concept of the year finalist qualification: In the extremely competitive pharmacy business, Kronans Apotek stands out. Without going so far as to risk losing any sense of being a pharmacy, the chain is working with other colors and with different lighting than its competitors, which creates a warm and modern environment inside its pharmacies where the customer becomes the center of attention.

 The showcasing of beauty products is more like a specialty shop than pharmacy.


The growing e-commerce volume is tied together with the physical units through solutions such as in-store pickup.


Kronans Apotek not only makes the customer's well-being its core focus, but the chain also safeguards the planet's well-being and is extremely careful about not unnecessarily wasting resources in its new buildings.

An open-plan solution has been created between the two floors. Photo: Gjermund Holt

The worlds largest soccer store

By Nils Vanebo



This spring, Torshov Sport opened its new soccer store at its “home ground” at Torshov in Oslo. Customer response has been good and our suppliers are impressed.


Torshov Sport in Oslo is the largest store in the world solely dedicated to soccer. “We have been in Rio, London, Amsterdam and Berlin and nowhere in the world will you find a soccer store that comes close to ours,” asserts General Manager,

Terje Laurendz.


The soccer store that comes closest to Torshov Sport’s flagship store in Oslo is in Berlin and is around 1,000 m², 150 m² smaller than the store

at Torshov.


Turnover at the Torshov store after the opening has increased. The online store is also doing well. Terje Laurendz is not prepared to disclose precise figures but reveals that the store’s growth is higher than average in the sector.


Foreign competition

Torshov Sport’s main competitors are Unisport and the English company Pro:Direct Soccer.


“As our competitors are primarily foreign companies, we have received some SkatteFUNN support to develop our web solution,”

explains Laurendz.


He feels that the company is well represented in Norway with 16 stores from Fredrikstad to Tromsø. As well as the store in Oslo, they have also expanded the store in Bergen, and will do the same in Drammen. 


The chain is not represented in the Trøndelag counties or Stavanger. However, it does have collaborating partners.


Wants to expand into Sweden

Torshov Sport is also planning to establish outlets in Sweden.


“Yes, this is an ambitious goal of ours, but we have a job to do first. It is unlikely that we will open before next year,” says Laurendz.


He acknowledges that the Swedish market is demanding and that several international chains have been stung by moving too fast.



By becoming established in Sweden, suppliers will regard Torshov Sport as an international player, which will attract slightly more favorable conditions.


This is because suppliers distinguish between international and national launches. Establishing Torshov Sport in Sweden will be conducted in collaboration with its suppliers.


Terje Laurendz was very pleased that at the opening of the new store, Adidas’ head of Northern Europe presented them with a golden boot because they had the greatest soccer store in the world.


Impressed suppliers

 Stian Filtvedt at Adidas congratulated Terje and his team and is impressed with the store:


“Adidas and Torshov Sport have enjoyed a long and fruitful collaboration and we are both proud and happy to be so well represented in the country's newest and largest soccer retail outlet. We look forward to a continuing strong collaboration and, not least, are

excited about how, together, we can utilize the new pitch for courses, promotions and other activities,” he said.


“With this store, Torshov Sport is setting a completely new standard for the retail sector. This is a concept that displays our goods in a way that no other store has previously managed,” said Krister Gundersen at Nike. 


Nicholas Talliadoros at Nike Retail Brand Northern Europe simply stated:


“This is the best soccer store in Western Europe.


Jarle Finnestrand, General Manager at Puma, was also very impressed with the new store:


“Quite simply, a fantastic store! Torshov Sport has managed to create a candy store for people of all ages. Not just for those of us interested in soccer, but also for the entire Norwegian sports industry. Any soccer equipment you don’t find here is not worth looking for".



Bringing new standards to our industry.

Stokke® creates a corner of Norway in Milan

By Bård Kvamme

This summer Stokke® confirms yet another important strategic goal in the retail sector with the opening of our first store in Milan. First in Italy and Europe, the Milan-based Stokke® store embodies the ambition of the Norwegian company to be the global leader of Premium baby products.

Milan represents an important milestone and market for the Stokke® brand, as the global international capital of design.


The store is operated by Salina, a long time Stokke® partner. The partnership between Salina and Stokke® has always been strong, and Salina is the perfect partner to welcome the Stokke® customers into our retail enviroment.


The Stokke® store offers a first class brand experience where the products take center stage.

The consumer experience is key to Stokke® and we want our stores to be the ultimate brand manifesto offering a superior brand experience and product selection. Combining Scandinavian materials and lifestyle, with leading edge digital solutions Stokke® stores will provide a very new experience and closeness to the brand universe.


We wish to elevate our brand and the industry by setting high standards for consumer service and experience in our stores.


Stokke® has produced and distributed Scandinavian design for children since 1972. Today we have global distribution in over 80 countries across the globe, and we have delivered quality products to families across the world for over 40 years.


Design honorary for Skanska Home

By Skanska Kodit


Buying a home is probably the largest single investment in your life. If you are buying an old apartment you’ll see your new home in the purchasing stage, but the situation is different if the apartments is under construction.


It is hard to imagine the atmosphere of the new home from plans and drawings. Skanska Homes studied the home-buyer’s customer path and developed a new service concept, the Home Store, where customers can study alternatives for materials in their future apartments in a comfortable setting and with the assistance of expert customer guides.


In the Home Store, materials can be selected around a kitchen table and the pre-selected design lines with their various alternatives are an aid for making choices. The material samples help in comparing colours and textures.


Effort has been devoted to making the Home Store a comfortable place, avoiding the feel of a hardware store or a showroom. The carefully designed solutions of the store ensure an integrated look and service experience everywhere regardless of the size and location.


The concept supports the work of salespersons and customer service and the Skanska brand as a large and reliable housing developer.


The Skanska Home Store is a new concept in its field, expanding the company’s operations from construction to customer experience. A web service and printed materials are complementary aspects of the concept.




Shell Strand, one of the first pilots for the new Shell store concept in Norway. 

new store concept for shell norway

By Smart Fuel Norway As

Three Shell service stations in Norway has been through a major change and the first to be upgraded to Shell's new store concept, developed and designed by Reactor Retail.  A friendly atmosphere, focus on freshly-made food and drink, seating area and WiFi are just some of the reasons why customers will want to visit Ås.

"We wanted to build a gas station that customers perceive as different and that cannot be found anywhere else in Norway," says Anita Sørlundsengen, Retail Director for Smart Fuel/St1 in Norway.


Great emphasis has been placed on creating a good atmosphere at the gas station so that customers will perceive it as a friendly place and somewhere that is enjoyable to shop.

New ceiling and floor, greater use of natural building materials and photos showing the history of Shell in Norway are some of the changes that have taken place in the store. The store also has a larger counter and increased focus on freshly made food, a wider range of coffees, WiFi and outlets for charging cell phones and laptops in a new seating area.

Food and drink is the fastest growing product group in gas stations in Norway and, these days, customers attach a lot of importance to what they eat and where the food originates. The new concept is therefore an important link to enable Shell to grow and provide its customers with a positive shopping experience when they visit a Shell station.

"Tasty quality food made from good Norwegian produce is an important part of the food range at the gas station. Our hamburgers are made from 100% beef from Fredrikstad, cheese from Gudbrandsdalen and tomatoes from Kongsvinger. We have identified a clear trend indicating that consumers want Norwegian-made quality food – and they will get this when they visit us," says Anita Sørlundsengen.

The Norwegian theme also permeates the whole store and how the different areas have been named. Hot dogs are served at the "Pølsebua" (hot dog stand), baguettes are purchased at the "Smørebrøddisken" (sandwich counter) and freshly baked waffles are available in the "Vaffeljernet" (waffle iron).

The second Reactor flagship store for Stokke, launched in Seoul, South Korea in September 2016. 

stokke first flagship in south korea

By Retail Design Blog

Stokke®s Scandinavian success story continues with the opening of a second flagship store. Stokke® reached a new milestone in 2016 with the opening of their first ever flagship store in Shanghai, China.


 Stokke continues their journey into the retail space with the opening of a second flagship store in Seoul, September 29.th 2016. With the appeal of the Scandinavian lifestyle to the Asian consumer, and Stokke®s leading position in the Korean market, the city was the natural choice for the new location. 


Every element of the new flagship store has been designed to give the consumer the definitive Norwegian experience and introduce them to the essence of the Stokke® brand. With a premium storefront in Seoul´s most exclusive shopping district, the store is sure to stand out with it´s sleek and sophisticated Scandinavian look.


“As the world’s leading premium baby care brand, we are very proud to now open our first own stores in a very premium location”, says Anton Van De Putte, CEO Stokke®.


The store concept is the result of extensive work across internal teams at Stokke® with their creative agency The North Alliance and in-store agency Reactor. The collaboration is based on Stokke®s core values with the brand´s design philosophy being the foremost source of inspiration.


”The store offers a first class brand experience where the products take center stage. 

The consumer experience is key to Stokke® and we want our flagship stores to be the ultimate brand manifesto offering a superior brand experience and product selection. Combining Scandinavian materials and lifestyle, with leading edge digital solutions Stokke® flagship store will provide a very new experience and closeness to the brand universe. We wish to elevate our brand and the industry by setting high standards for consumer service and experience in our store”, says Bård Kvamme, Retail Development Director at Stokke.

This milestone offers an opportunity for Stokke® to showcase its history and strengthen its legacy, as they further their ambition of being a leading global brand of premium products for children.


Stokke® has produced and distributed Scandinavian design for children since 1972. Today, they have global distribution in over 80 countries and have delivered quality products to families around the world for over 40 years.


Today, Stokke® occupies a unique position as an innovative Scandinavian company offering a complete collection of premium products for children that reflect Scandinavian design at its best. While Stokke® has grown over the years, one thing remains the same; the designers never lose sight of what is most important – to nurture family bonding, transforming everyday experiences into precious moments you will cherish forever.


Designed by Troels Øder Hansen & Roar Sager at Bold Scandinavia / The North Alliance and Stein Berg at Reactor Retail
Photography: Anna Park

The first Reactor  flagship store for Stokke, launched in Shanghai, China  in August 2016. 

stokke flagships 

By Retail Design Blog

Stokke reached a new milestone in 2016 with the opening of their first ever flagship store in Shanghai, China. Stokke continues their journey into the retail space with the opening of a second flagship store in Seoul, September 2016. 


“As the world’s leading premium baby care brand, we are very proud to now open our first own stores in a very premium location”, says Anton Van De Putte, CEO Stokke®.


The store concept is the result of extensive work across internal teams at Stokke® with their creative agency The North Alliance, who developed the graphic communication content and Retail Agency Reactor Retail who designed the store experience.


The collaboration is based on Stokke®s core values with the brand´s design philosophy being the foremost source of inspiration.


”The store offers a first class brand experience where the products take center stage.

The consumer experience is key to Stokke® and we want our flagship stores to be the ultimate brand manifesto offering a superior brand experience and product selection. Combining Scandinavian materials and lifestyle, with leading edge digital solutions Stokke® flagship store will provide a very new experience and closeness to the brand universe. We wish to elevate our brand and the industry by setting high standards for consumer service and experience in our store”, says Bård Kvamme, Retail Development Director at Stokke.


This milestone offers an opportunity for Stokke® to showcase its history and strengthen its legacy, as they further their ambition of being a leading global brand of premium products for children.


Stokke® has produced and distributed Scandinavian design for children since 1972. Today, they have global distribution in over 80 countries and have delivered quality products to families around the world for over 40 years.

The first Reactor Intersport flagship store for Nike, launched in Stockholm in October 2015.

nike joining forces

By Inger Guttormsen

In conjunction with the Nike European HQ, Reactor Retail helped Nike develop and execute their ongoing worldwide strategy to transform the marketplace across their Northern Europe territory. This new strategy is a major departure from how a major brand works with retail chains, and sets future expectations for multi-brand stores.


The new aggressive direction is to transform and accelerate one of their biggest accounts; Intersport, into the ultimate performance sporting goods destination in Europe. This is not a regular shop-in-shop concept development, but rather a total transformation of the entire store, all brands included.


Reactor Retail created the retail strategy and concept design for this new concept. With a unified look and feel as well as a fixture system that all brands live within, this is becoming the new standard for the Intersport retail environment.

The first 3000 sqm flagship store opened up on October 8th, in Drottninggatan, the busiest pedestrian street in Stockholm. 


The store also represents Intersport’s first move to create a more seamless shopping experience between the physical store and online shopping.


Digital kiosks with large touchscreens give customers the opportunity to not only get all facts about all products, but also to check availability both in-store and online, and ultimately also to make the online purchase directly from the store.


Furthermore, in collaboration with both Nike and Intersport Sweden, Reactor has been able to present a concept that will be scalable for implementation across the Intersport chain in Northern Europe. 

The first Care & Beauty opened in Mall of Scandinavia in Stockholm in November 2015.

a pharmacy future

Source:  Kronans Apotek, Press release

Kronans Apotek is launching a completely unique and exciting retail shop concept, Care&Beauty, focused on skin and beauty care.


With this new concept, developed by Reactor Retail, Kronans Apotek becomes the first in Sweden to offer everything from medicines through health, skin and beauty care product lines along with the world's best known skin care brands. This enables a meeting place to be created where the customers are able to receive advice and support from experts in issues involving skin and health care.


On November 12th, Kronans Apotek opened its first Kronans Apotek Care&Beauty in the Mall of Scandinavia, in Solna outside Stockholm.


Using the Kronans Apotek Care&Beauty concept, Kronans Apotek will take what pharmacies offer to a completely new level by providing an experience connected with skin care – involving advising, product offerings and treatments.


Through a combination of pharmacists, health products and some of the world's best known beauty brands, for example Biotherm, Clarins, Clinique and Dermalogica, Kronans Apotek Care&Beauty will become a new arena for health, skin and beauty care. Solid expertise and the great interest of its employees will contribute to this new experience for the customers.


"We are proud of our new offerings, which are completely unique in the market. By doing this, we are challenging the traditional skin care and beauty industry as well as the pharmacy industry. Kronans Apotek Care&Beauty entails creating a new meeting place for the inner and outer well-being of our customers, plus we know that customers would like to buy skin and beauty care products at pharmacies. 

Confidence in pharmacies is solid and the quality of the product line is high. Our foundation lies in the pharmacy world, but with Kronans Apotek Care&Beauty we are going deeper into specialist advising on health, skin and beauty as well as having a broader product line. We are targeting people who are seeking to be healthy as well as those who are taking care of their complexion," says Lars Birkeland, CEO of Kronans Apotek.


A change has taken place, with customers seeking more skin and beauty care products at pharmacies, which is also being confirmed by the fact that every other face cream product is being sold at pharmacies. This trend is customer-driven, the skin care segment is growing, and it is the pharmacies that are behind this growth. With Kronans Apotek Care&Beauty, the company is meeting the increased demands of its customers within this segment.


The plan is to open some 20 Kronans Apotek Care&Beauty shops, where availability of the right locations is absolutely crucial to their establishment. The staff will consist of pharmacists, skin care specialists, self-care specialists and make up-artists.


Kronans Apotek Care&Beauty will also be equipped with a treatment room, large-format screens and tablet computers for information and to schedule appointments.


"We see substantial opportunities in the area of skin and beauty care for the pharmacy, and we know that the customers are pushing for this expansion. With Kronans Apotek Care&Beauty, we intend to accommodate current and future consumers," continues Lars Birkeland.


In November, Kronans Apotek Care&Beauty will also open in at Väla Center, in Helsingborg.

DNB advisor Hanna Folkvord speaks with customer in the new DNB concept. Photo by Signe Dons. 

changing the game of banking

By Inger Guttormsen

DNB is one of Norway's strongest brand names. However, the competition in the banking sector is stiff, plus the banking habits of consumers are changing much faster now than was previously the case. Those who are winning the battle for customers are those who adapt to the changes the fastest.



A total of 85% of Norwegian banking customers no longer visit their bank's office, and transactions over the counter have fallen by 73%. The design of the offices and the working methodologies of the advisors were custom-tailored to a completely manual service concept. In step with the changes in the industry, DNB saw the need to change its physical presence, and make the meeting place relevant again in order for it to survive.


With this as a point of departure, DNB contacted us in 2014 to "retailize" their bank. Jointly, we then created a modernized and innovative version of the traditional bank. A concept developed in order to give a customer experience that is in line with the brand name's values and the times in which we live.


The concept

The new concept is intended to reflect brand values such as "genuine", "supportive" and "living", and give the customer an optimum experience when they visit the bank. DNB has chosen to go its own way when it comes to having a presence. When a number of the players in the sector are choosing to eliminate their physical offices, DNB is of the opinion that there is value in meeting the customers face-to-face.  


The strategy

The manner in which we live and communicate is constantly changing. We have a lifestyle where we are more mobile and on the go than previously. We are always connected and desire information and services to be available where we are, at all hours of the day. Digital efforts have long been given priority, however the more digital we become, the greater the need also for physical meeting places.


The strategy is based upon covering needs that arise when people exhibit a change in their behavior due to technology, as well as ensuring that one as an important participant in the society is capable of meeting this trend.


Whereas the bank was previously perceived to be a formal and authoritarian institution, it now desires to be more open and welcoming by offering a banking concept that is adapted to the times in which we live.


At the same time, we know that the customers are living hectic lives. They want returns from their time, and will discard everything that is irrelevant information – it must be fast, effective and relevant. 


The new DNB has succeeded in taking the customer's experience seriously, by meeting the customers where they are, at the tight time, and offering relevant products and services.


Design solution

The concept addresses three primary elements: the space, the products and the people, which create a context in the customer meeting that strengthens the total experience of the DNB brand name.


The facade has been opened up to give insight, and invite people in. The structure of the space has been opened for the customer to be able to circulate around in the shop, while the interior contributes to making the room pleasant to be in. The space and the interior go from being hard and enveloping forms, to being a soft and inviting style. From walking on wood, and sitting on wood, to experiencing wood (walls), and using wood materials as an accent to a neutral white base.


The premises are divided up into different zones in order to be able to offer optimum assistance if different customer situations. A separate shop area with a product wall provides a commercial perspective with the presentation of products, whereas the theme wall provides inspiration for current campaigns and themes.


The people: How people work together in order to ensure that the customers are looked after in the best possible manner has been crucial to getting the concept to function in practice.


The result

DNB's reputation has never been as good as it is today. It is however difficult to isolate the effect of individual measures, but we do know that it is the effect of all the measures together that have caused the bank's reputation to soar, including the re-branding of the physical meeting places. A total of 84 % of the customers who visited one of DNB's offices during the evaluation phase awarded a dice roll of 5 or 6, and 9 of 10 had the need for which they visited the bank satisfied.


In tangible terms, it has seen that a number of the customers are being met by an advisor earlier than they had expected. The welcome zone is turning out to be a good addition to the total customer experience, where the customers feel they are waiting for a shorter time than they actually are.


The concept was tested in four pilot projects in 2014 and the pilots have received positive attention in the media, with good PR for the concept and the brand name.


The concept has now been launched in the market with a roll-out encompassing more than 50 of DNB's banking and property offices from the spring of 2015. The roll-out is planned to continue to all of DNB's branches in 2016.

Reactor designed the service station applications of the new Circle K and Miles brands.

a global circle k 

Source:  Couche-Tard, Press release

On September 22, nearly 3000 employees from Statoil Fuel & Retail’s offices and petrol stations in eight countries – Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and Russia – were gathered at Telenor Arena in Fornebu to be informed about the company’s new strategy.


It was announced that, as from May 2016, the Statoil stations in Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Poland and Russia will commence a new era.


“The global brand will replace Couche-Tard’s existing chain names in the USA and in several other countries worldwide. The names involved are Mac’s, Circle K and Kangaroo Express as well as the Statoil brand. The Quebec Province in Canada will keep the company’s Couche-Tard brand because of special conditions on this market”, the company writes.


Couche-Tard’s Group CEO Brian Hannasch thinks that the company’s change of name will have a great effect: 

“Using a global brand will make us stronger, strengthen our culture and help us make our customers’ everyday life a little better”, Hannasch claims. His ambition is to make Circle K “the world’s preferred choice for convenience trade and fuel purchases”.


“An important reason for acquiring SFR was to establish a position in Europe and create a platform for further growth in the region. A global brand will make it easier to achieve this goal”, he believes.


Jacob Schram, the company’s Group President Europe, will be in charge of the change of brand from Statoil Fuel & Retail to Circle K in Europe.


The first petrol stations to undergo the change will be those located in Norway and Sweden.


“They will become part of an international organisation with nearly 15,000 stores and petrol stations as well as more than 100,000 employees under the new Circle K brand”.

Coop in Sweden to invest over a billion kroner in its network of shops over the next three-years.

a whole new coop

Source:  Amanda Törner, Dagens Media

On 9 September, the first two shops opened that will be laid out within the framework of Coop's new business strategy, Coop Zinkensdamm and Stora Coop Västberga, both in Stockholm.


The strategic decisions were made a year ago, however it is only now that the change process is first becoming visible. A central part of the strategy involves Coop investing over a billion kroner in its network of shops over a three-year period.


Marketing Director Björn Larsson says that the plan encompasses all parts of Coop and is intended to modernize and rationalize the food products chain, but also to place an emphasis on the green nature of Coop. In addition, Coop is carrying out its largest price reductions ever.


"It has always been a competition issue for us that we are perceived to be more expensive than we actually are. Our primary target group is families with children, and they are price-sensitive.


So we are making these price reductions now, in order to accentuate the difference with our competitors," states Björn Larsson.

On the overall, the price reductions will occur on thousands of items, but the exact number will differ from shop to shop depending on the individual format and product line. It is first and foremost items that the target group purchases the most which will have their prices lowered.


Another part of the change process is that the formats of the shops will be reconfigured, Stora Coop - large-scale shop, Coop - convenience shop and Lilla Coop - supplementation shop. Björn Larsson states that, after having looked at the previous shop reputations, the easiest thing was to "start completely over".


"Our experience was that the associations from the previous shop format had not always been positive and that the customers occasionally were unable to say precisely which type of Coop they had visited. This was quite simply too unclear, while at the same time the shops were differentiating themselves with respect to quality. We are now sorting this all out and creating three clear formats instead as well as also elevating our bottom level.”


Reactor Retail has developed the shop concept and the designs together with Coop's own inhouse concept development team.

Statoil's "Simply Great Coffee" is making inroads on the  North American continent. 

coffee for america 

By Bjørn Grydeland; European Coffee Brewing Centre

Statoil's new coffee concept is not only being rolled out at Norwegian gas stations. Alimentation Couche-Tard has now introduced this coffee concept at a number of its companies, with significant volumes being involved.


Couche-Tard, a Canadian company, is one of the world's largest companies specializing the operation of gas stations and convenience stores, with thousands of sales outlets around the world. They operate not only under the Couche-Tard name, but also under the brand names of Mac's, Circle K and On the Run.


By its acquisition of Statoil's subsidiary, Statoil Fuel & Retail, for NOK 15.9 million in 2012, Couche-Tard has become the largest owner of gas stations in Scandinavia.


Scandinavians love coffee and incredible amounts of coffee are sold at gas stations. Good coffee is a success factor, and poor scores on the tests simply mean you have to roll up your sleeves and go to work on it. The equipment must be clean, the settings must be correct and the coffee must be of good quality. 


Coffee is also a product yielding some of the highest margins, which has also been Couche-Tard's experience. Statoil's ”Simply Great Coffee” is making inroads on the North American

continent at an extremely rapid pace. In Europe, the concept was launched at 20% of the gas stations, resulting in a 10% increase in coffee sales. 


It is no secret that Löfbergs, one of the largest Swedish coffee roasters, supplies the coffee to the Statoil stations, and now its International Business Manager, Jon Leirfall Fornes, is traveling back and forth to Canada in order to arrange for Simply Great Coffee to be established at hundreds of gas stations.


The coffee is roasted in Karlstad, Sweden, and Löfbergs uses the same recipe in all countries, however local adaptations may be added.


"What this involves is dark-roasted, coarsely ground coffee with low dosing served in large cardboard cups," says Fornes. "Changing national coffee habits cannot be done overnight, but we are experiencing an extremely good response to what we are delivering. We've been at this for a year now, and can see that it could become quite large. Whole beans, fresh milk and better machines to provide Canadians with better coffee."


The Scandinavian design & concept development specialists, Reactor Retail has been responsible for the concept and design development for Simply Great Coffee.

No cookie-cutter standardized models here. Working out communication strategy for Synsam. 

for no one but you 

By Dag Landewall

From time to time we receive questions about our process, especially from procurement managers in larger corporations. And when we answer them saying that we actually do not have a standardised process, they then tell us that it will be difficult for them to assess our skills. So we need to make it clear:

We are not built as an agency. Working with us, you will always talk directly to a real expert, not a salesperson. We are big enough to handle rebranding projects for large corporations and small enough to give start-ups and new players our full attention. 

Customized and tailor-made. If there is one thing we have learned during the years, it is that no client, no concept and no process are ever the same. That is why you will not find any cookie-cutter standardized models here.

We found such things insulting to the intelligence of our clients. Instead, we offer customized and tailored services, to suit your specific needs.


Real insights - real fast. True experts with extensive experience and proven success stories comprise a powerful combination. We concentrate this into time-efficient collaboration to ensure that you get real insights - real fast.

Side by side - all the way. We are able to partner with you through every step of your design and implementation process. We are by your side where you need us, all the way from strategy to reality.


If that is not enough process for you, you may want to talk to people we have worked with for or just check out the things we have created. Still need a standardized process? Call an agency.

Football-obsessed teens think-act-play football 24/7, and want their style to express their passion.  

nike football 24/7

By Inger Guttormsen

Under the mission “Bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world” – Nike continues to strengthen their retail position in Europe by launching a brand new football concept.


Niketown meets Torshov Sport. Torshov Sport, one of the oldest and most competent sporting goods retailers in Oslo, has products for everyone regardless of whether you are competing, training or hanging out with your friends. Football-obsessed teens think-act-play football 24/7, and want their style to express their passion.

Based on the Nike football global guidelines, we developed an in-store plan with custom-made solutions for fixtures, displays, campaign areas and service desks. 


The retail concept developed for and implemented at two Torshov Sport locations in Oslo are the first concept pilots in Europe.


Both stores are performing very well, and have contributed to strengthening the Nike football brand in the Norwegian market.

Elin Mass is the only certified Green LEED associate interior designer in the country. 

green is profitable

By Elin Mass

With consumers increasingly buying into the green movement and making sustainable choices, there has never been a better time for companies to start to adopt green business practices. In a consumer-based society it is important to keep in mind the environmental effects of our choices.


Great retail design solutions do not have to be compromised by incorporating environmental aspects. There are many great examples of the opposite, where following the LEED guidelines has created an opportunity for new creative ideas and designs.

By following the LEED guidelines on how to facilitate the design process, incorporating all disciplines into an integrative process, all the project teams are able to work together to find the most environmentally sound and cost-effective solution for the project. By following the LEED guidelines in a design process, we can achieve great environmental results as well as financial benefits. 


Through LEED certification, building projects receive an internationally recognizable, third-party verification showing the world that a company means business regarding sustainability. 

Statoil Fuel & Retail management launching the Miles and Miles Plus quality fuel brand in Lithuainia.

the extra mile

By Øyvind Nystad

Statoil Fuel & Retail is the leading service station chain in northern Europe, with over 1,500 sites in Scandinavia, the Baltics and Poland. 


Statoil decided to develop a branded fuel product line to further strenghten its position as a premier motor fuel provider. The improved fuel was launched with the new "miles" brand. A new product and a new name requires a new design. 

A new name in high-performance motor fuels. We designed the logo and visual identity program for the full product line of miles and milesPLUS products and grades.


We also developed label applications, a miles label manual and a miles brand manual for use as tools in production and implementation in European markets.

Get fit! Inspiration for women from Nike. A campaign for select training centers. From SATS in Oslo.

Nike to the gym

By Inger Guttormsen

After working with Nike for more than four years, we are proud to launch another retail concept developed using global standards.


Based on Nike global directions we have built a multi-category concept with a primary focus on products for women. The window and entrance area is used to attract the attention of customers.


The seasonal story (campaign) is communicated through windows, mannequin presentations and product tables.

Creating a campaign for Nike is always about the right product being in a context that gives it the right attention. 


It is all about inspiring the customer and creating a shopping experience. It is never about price.


Our cooperation with Nike has shown great results with significant product sell-thru and increased brand awareness. Our work is used as a benchmark for Nike retail brand presentations in its Northern Europe territory.

Our chef and most popular employee, Wanassanan Ledrod, prepares the daily lunch at the studio.

food for thought

By Astrid Landewall

Daily life at Reactor can be very challenging and is not for the faint of heart. In the early years of the company that also affected our eating habits negatively.


In 2009 we decided to quit our bad eating habits and offered our emloyees the best lunch in the country instead, every day. After a thorough recruitment process we were happy to employ our own professional chef, Wanassanan Ledrod.


The result was astonishing, not only could we sit down every day and enjoy a delicious meal, all made with love and pride and from the best and freshest ingredients avaiable. In addition the lunch was quickly 

raised to the highlight of the working day and the positive food experience spread an increasingly good mood around the studio. Creativity and productivity increased and the rumor about the fantastic lunch started to spread around our clients, resulting in an increasing number of requests for meeting times suspiciously close to noon.


The largest surprise was however that the net cost for lunch in our company decreased in comparsion to the period when we handled our lunches ourselves. Premade or processed industrial food is far more expensive than letting a professional chef source the best fresh ingredients and then prepare the meal from scratch. 

The Reactor concept for Interfoto received gold at the Norwegian Retail Awards, 2013.

Stay gold 2013

By Dag Landewall

The Norwegian advertising industry feted itself again this year with the Retail Awards, where a jury of industry experts pick, among other things, the best new retail concepts launched during the year.


We received the gold for our new concept for Interfoto, a destination photo retailer, and the silver for our concept for Synsam, a chain of opticians. 

We would also like to congratulate our British competitors, Household Design, who were awarded the bronze for their new design for Meny supermarkets. 


We also received a silver in the category "best single marketing actvity/tool" for our customer magazine for Synsam, which was the main communication tool for repositioning our client in their market.

Kronans was founded in Sweden in 1907 and is now operating over 200 pharmacies across Sweden.

two stores in one

By Øyvind Nystad

It is not only airports that capitalize on locations where people are going places. Major commuter hubs do the same, and Stockholm Central Station is no exception in trying to offer travelers the convenience of shopping on the go. The Kronan store has a unique but complicated location at the subway turnstiles because it is accessible from both sides of the turnstiles. 


We created two stores in one, targeting the different consumer mindsets on the two sides of the turnstiles. The store inside the turnstiles is designed for customers with very limited time to spend - low gondolas for quick overviews and with best-selling products clearly displayed.

The store outside the turnstiles is designed for customers with more time to spend. It has a much wider range of products and a store design that invites customers to browse.


This location also offers a drop-box/pick-up point for prescriptions for added speed and convenience. Hand in the prescription on your way to work and pick your medicine up on your way home. 


We also sourced and coordinated all production and implementation of store fittings, lighting, signage, graphics and displays, ensuring that everything worked smoothly from day one.

The Statoil Highway Concept gave Statoil the 2012 Convenience Retailer of The Year Award.  

Highway Gold

By Dag Landewall

The judging panel praised the calibre of entries and admitted it was severely tested in drawing up this year’s shortlist. 


Stephanie Rice, founder of Rice Retail Marketing, said: “I think the calibre of the entries was excellent. There are some genuine examples of innovation.” Several of the panel members stated that it was a close call between all of this year’s candidates. 


For example, Ramon Kuijpers, international key accounts manager, Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken Gmbh, an Imperial Tobacco Group company, said: “The differences between the top six retailers on my shortlist are again quite small, given the high quality of all the entries.”


Joe Bona, president, retail division, CBX, agreed. “There was a close one, two and three: and a different lead scorer in each of the seven criteria made it somewhat challenging to find a standout winner,” he said. Bona especially liked Statoil Fuel & Retail. Its pilot highway format store in Minnesund, Norway, is meeting customer needs by providing clustered convenience concepts. 

Statoil Fuel & Retail has researched the market in order to develop the site and has taken into account the reasons why its customers stop at highway locations. 


The Minnesund site design has been carefully thought through and features a separate forecourt area and shop. In the shop, the layout is divided into distinct departments including self-serve coffee, bread and bakery, fresh food offerings, a salad bar, convenience offerings and services. The food offerings are tailored to the time of day with breakfast, lunch and dinner options available. 


Since its launch the sales and customer numbers at the Minnesund forecourt have been reported to be outperforming average highway locations with food sales that are significantly stronger than other sites. Rice also praised Statoil for its understanding of the customer mission, which she said has translated into a welcoming and attractive roadside offer. 


Ultimately, the judges choose the Statoil Highway concept created by Reactor to be the winner of the 2012 Convenience Retailer of the Year Award.

In 2014 the private equity firm CVC Capital Partners acquired Synsam from Alipes.

Exit or go public?

By Dag Landewall

Where are you taking your business next? Going international, public or considering an exit? 


Owners of major retail chains come to us when the stakes are high and failure is not an option. In recent years we have helped a number of our clients pursue significant business opportunities and major investments. 

For example, in 2011 Nille was sold to British BC Partners for NOK 2 billion and Statoil F&R was sold to CoucheTarde for NOK 15.9 billion in 2012.


Last year, kitchen specialist Rafens merged with Norway's largest kitchen and interior chain Til bords, and in December 2013 Stokke was sold to a company in South Korea for NOK 3 billion.

Reactor team partying alone after Retail Awards hat-trick in May 2013.

lonely at the top

By Dag Landewall

Each year the Norwegian advertising industry celebrates itself in many ways with Academy Awards-style events. 


One of them is the Retail Awards where a jury of industry experts pick, among other things, the best new retail concepts launched during the year. We were among the nominees with three of our 2012 launches: Wyfee, Statoil Highway Minnesund and our new concept for Apotek 1. 

It was of course very funny that all of our concepts came out on top in the same category:


Gold for Wyfee, silver for Statoil and bronze for Apotek 1. 


The flip side of that hat-trick was of course that we pretty much had to party alone at the celebration afterwards. "Where is everyone? Closing already?"


double gold for elgiganten

Elgiganten Arninge awarded "Omnichannel experience of the year award" and "retail chain of the year award" at Sweden's Retail Awards 2018. 


Inspiring kitchens made smarter!

Nobia is the owner of many global and well-known kitchen brands. For the Marbodal brand - we have developed a new retail format - launch in Gothenburg this spring.



The iconic outdoor brand

Bergans opens their first concept store in Ski outside Oslo, Norway.


Swedish Retail Awards 2018

Our work for Elgiganten is in the finals of The Swedish Retail Awards in two categories: Best Omnichannel Experience and Retail Chain of the Year. Our work for Kronans Apotek is in the final in the Best Concept of the Year category. Good luck in the finals!


Cannes Mapic awards 2017

Our flagship concept for Stokke is nominated as "The best new retail concept of the year" at Mapic Awards 2017! We are excited to see who takes the win, in Cannes November 16.


latest fashion from VIC

A revitalized visual identity and a new retail concept is developed for VIC! First store opened at Ski storsenter in August 2017.


a new identity for the iconic building

The reopening of Glasmagasinet will take place September 14th. A comprehensive renewal process has been accomplished. We have developed their new visual identity, including the facade and public areas. We are looking forward to showing more of this work in September!


Reactor høstsalong 2017

5. september arrangerer vi høstsalong! Utstilling av nye handle- og spiseopplevelser, visuelle identiteter og kommunikasjon fra Reactor Retail i perioden 2015-2017.

Hold av datoen - invitasjon kommer!


Welcome to Stokke Beijing

The new concept store invites their customers to experience the highend brand, touch & feel products and learn about Stokke history and heritage in a modern Scandinavian environment.


DNB Airport Exchange

Launch of one the worlds most innovative airport exchange systems! The concept design is made to fit into the Scandinavian footprint of the new terminal at OSL.



Torshov Sport Football

Reactor has developed a new football concept and strong visual identity for Torshov Sport.


Explore Coop Obs through google maps!

With the new google maps technology customers are able to explore the new retail concept and walk through the store online.

Explore Coop Obs Steinkjer with google maps!



New Airport fashion

Æra fashion opens their third multibrand format at OSL domestic, and takes airport fashion to another level!


avinor airport stores

Reactor assigned to develop new airport retail concepts for Avinor, a wholly-owned state limited company under the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications and is responsible for 46 state-owned airports.


reactor retail in stockholm

To strenghten the service to our Stockholm based clients, we'll open up our new studio on Östgötagatan 85 on August 1, 2016. 


brand identity for obs

Launch of our new brand design and visual identity for OBS! - the leading hypermarket chain in Norway. 


resurrecting glasmagasinet

Glasmagasinet is a 19th century landmark retail building in central Oslo. After years in decline the new owners, KLP, decided to resurrect Glasmagasinet to its former (and future) glory. Reactor was assigned to develop the new shopping experience and brand identity for Glasmagasinet. The re-launch is planned for 2017.


next to the north pole 

Reactor is developing a new retail and travel center concept for Spitsbergen Travel – the leading tour operator in Svalbard, and a subsidiary of Hurtigruten. The concept will open in Longyearbyen in July of 2016. 


New life for torshov sport 

Reactor asked to revitalize the brand identity and retail concept for Torshov Sport – one of the classic sport retailers in Norway.


The future of Elgiganten 

Reactor asked to develop retail concepts for Elkjøp – the largest home electronics retailer in the Nordic countries. First pilot store to open in Täby outside Stockholm in the fall of 2016.


Stokke flagships for Asia 

Reactor is developing new flagship concepts for Stokke. First stores to be launched in Shanghai and Seoul this summer.


New shop in shop concept for Viking 

The first pilot launched in Copenhagen for our shop in shop concept for Viking – a Norwegian shoe company.


first circle k in norway

The first Circle K re-branded c-store and fuel site was launched in Oslo today. Reactor is behind the Circle K service station design and the Miles fuel branding design.


record store metamorphosis

Remember back in the analog age, when everything digital was cool? So it should not come as any surprise that in the digital age, analog is now becoming increasingly cool. So Reactor has been asked to develop a new concept store for Platekompaniet, the original Norwegian record store chain. 


New food concept for Shell 

The first pilot of our new food & beverage concept in Norway for Shell was launched on March 11, in Ås, 20 miles south of Oslo.


G-SPORT flagship

First G-Sport Concept Store launch in Oslo on February 25, 2016.


coop sweden shaping up 

Coop opened two new concept stores in Stockholm on September 9, developed by Reactor Retail together with the clients inhouse design team. Concept is being rolled out and ten stores are in operation under new banner by by December 5, 2015.


mall of scandinavia

in Stockholm is launched and Reactor Retail is represented with the concepts for Printz, Panini and the new Care & Beauty pharmacy concept for Kronans Apotek.



First of a series of new flagships designed by Nike & Reactor opened in Stockholm City. See more under Projects/Nike.



DNB opened its second pilot store with the new concept on April 10. The branch is located adjacent to Storo Storsenter in Oslo.


Alimentation Couch-Tard Inc., owner of the Statoil service station network in Europe, has begun pilot implementations in select Circle K stores in the United States of the Simply Great Coffee concept that we developed for Statoil Fuel & Retail.



Fargerike, on track to become the leading home refurbishment chain in Norway, opened its flagship store at Alnabru, in northern Oslo, on March 18.



DNB, a leading Norwegian bank, opened its first pilot store based on its new retail-friendly concept at its HQ branch in Oslo on January 18. 


Synsam, the leading opticians chain in Norway, opened their latest flagship store in Stavanger on December 1. 



Lefdal opened its new flagship store on November 30 at Sandvika Storsenter outside Oslo. 


Kronans award

Kronans Apotek, one of the leading pharmacy chains in Sweden, awarded Reactor Retail its Communiaction Partner of The Year Award for 2014 for Reactor's revitalization of their shopping environments. The jury stated that Reactor had successfully challenged the traditional pharmacy environments and created a more feminine and personal pharmacy concept that inspires consumers to explore Kronans with all their senses. With tasteful and brand-reinforcing in-store communication, Reactor has succeeded in creating an attractive commercial experience featuring a strong brand presence.  


Our Printz restaurant concept in Stockholm won the 2014 prize for the best restaurant environment in Sweden. Founder and restaurateur, Ricard Constantinou received the award at the annual Swedish Restaurant Awards event in Stockholm on November 4, 2014.


k25 gold

Our K25 food hall concept in Stockholm was awarded the Gold for the best fast meal concept in 2014.



The new K-Märkt restaurant opened at the Garnisionen Landmark Building in Stockholm in August 2014.